problems with drm license transfer

ok, i called microsoft when i got my new xbox as i use 2 profiles on my xbox, i transfered the license through support cos id already done it in january when i bought a second hand xbox, now if i go through the website, or support it says that the current xbox im using is the one the license is transfered onto, howvwer, when i try to use my silver account to access any arcade games, or dlc that WERE NOT bought on this console, it wont let me, i called support again and they said they would re-transfer the license, anyone got any ideas whats going on? or what i can do?


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Did you redowload all the content after the license transfer? You need to do this so that the you have the latest license versions on your new console.

sure did, re-downlaoded every last thing for it

all my dlc, all my arcade games, over 25gig worth in one night

Was all your content purchased with the same account?

If not, then you will have to do the license transfer with each profile that has purchased content.

yes all content was purchased from this account, but no other profiles on my xbox can access it when they are signed in. only this one., and this license has aprently transfered, in relation to the dowload, would i need to re-dowload it again, i downlaoded everythign on the day i got my xbox, then rang microsoft a week after to tranfer the license, you maybe if i downlaod again it might downlaod the license again?

just to confirm guys, this did work! thanks alot, now ive got to go through my entire history and downlaod all the licenses again, good job it only takes seconds per item to do, and not 12 hours again! thanks alot everyone!

Yes, the redownload needs to be done after the license transfer so that the new licenses are sent to the new console.

If you did the redownload before the transfer then that is probably your problem. Try redownloading one thing to check it works.