my console wont open the disk tray sometimes

and when i close it with a disk in it keeps opening back up with the xbox sign conastantly flashing

although if i close it with no disk it doesnt open back up but still the constant flashing

any one experienced this ?

or has help 

much appreciated


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Is your console the slim or the fat console??


try taking off yor faceplate and cleaning around the tray

tryed that any other ideas ? maybe a link to how to fix it or youtube vid cheers

On the "old fat" Xbox 360's there was a Manual Eject Button (it varies Location, Console to Console) but it is a small opening about the size of a paperclip. Here is how, "Manually eject console disc tray".

I have a similar issue with my Elite. If there is not a disc in the drive it wont open, so I have to leave something in the tray or use the manual eject as described above.


Then when putting a new disc in, it will often take several times for it to remain closed.


Cleaning the outside of the drive has accomplished nothing, so it seem to be an internal problem. Sadly since I am out of warranty, I will either have to pay £62 for a Microsoft certified tech to open the drive and give it a clean or risk a ban by doing it myself.

how do you find out if you still under warranty i got rrod and claimed it would the replacement console be under warranty ?

The replacement console is covered under the original warranty or 90 days which ever is longest

Same thing happens to me lol, mine is an old Elite i don't think there is much life left in her. stupid thing keeps freezing all the time as well.