Problem with the turtle beachs X12

I got my new headphones in today and I immediately hooked them up and did what the instructions told me. When I got in black ops 2 game lobby the voice indicator was showing that I was talking when I was not talking at all and when I was in a party chat everybody could hear me except one guy and I could hear him but he couldn't hear me. Should I send them back to the manufacturer or what.

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The microphone is quite sensitive and can easily pick up your breathing, therefore the voice indicator will show up as though you are talking.

And if everybody except only one person in party chat could hear you then there is no problem with the headset. Obviously to do with that persons settings, connection, etc.

People says it like a beeping or some kind of fan like sound and I had the mic away from my mouth and it was doing it

Mobile (cell) phones can cause interference to the wireless signal from the controller, giving a beeping sound. Just make sure there are no cell phones near to the console or controller.

how did you connect your headphones to your xbox 360