Problem with messages and game invites

having problems getting messages and game invite on my xbox, anyone else having the same problem?


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Could you explain what you mean i.e notifications not showing up.

yeah notifications are not showing up again, it did fix its self and everything was fine but now it gone back to not giving me notifications at all even though they are on????

Oh, I was going to say have you made sure they haven't switched back but it seem's you've done that. Sometimes it just takes a turn on and off and its sorted. Try turning all notifications off and turning the console off. Then turning everything on.

strange one this, turned my xbox on this morning and now i get the notifications?????

been havig exactly the same problems, last i was sending invites to my mate and he wasnt recieving them, the other day i wasnt getting any messages showing up in my inbox yet on they were there, dunno whats going on

well i have been through all the settings on my router and its nothing to do with that, must be a microsoft problem, only seems to have started happening since the update we had a few weeks ago.

I had a similar problem last night also. One specific friend couldn't receive any messages or invites from me, yet could from anyone else, and everyone else was getting my messages fine. Very odd, and he hadn't blocked me or anything.