Problem with HDMI output, it is recognized as DVI


I have my xbox 360 connected to a monitor through HDMI. I have always had the Auto-detect screen on, and used to work well, but unfortunately now the console thinks that I have a DVI connection so I wasn't able to hear anything. I decided to switch off the auto-detect screen, so I was able to configure the HDMI output, but when I configure it to 1080p, the image is showing in a rare way, it shows red pixels in some places and sometimes the screen goes black.

I have tried it in a FullHD TV and with another HDMI cable and continue with the same problem.

Does anyone know what is happening?


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Try using the reset video configuration trick. Hold Right Trigger and Y-button on system startup and KEEP holding them until the console restarts (green lights flash again). If not and you're certain you've tried alternatives, then it might be a deeper issue which i can give you advice for, but i won't post it yet since people get defensive for me telling others how to do it even though it may seem like its overkill.

I have reset the video config several times. Please, tell me that overkill advice, as I have tried all the soft things :)

Go to Settings>System>Memory>Highlight Hard Drive>press LB, RB, X, LB, RB, X




It will tell you its going to delete minor system updates, taking you back to the update from Oct. 2012. It will NOT take you back to the Good 'ol blade system. (sadface) Log on to Xbox Live again and it will re-download the current update (2.0.16202). This is to see if the latest download got corrupted. If not, then your Xbox hardware may have an issue and Contact Xbox Customer Support or your monitor could have problems.

Thanks, I tried this and seemed to work!

REALLY... because uh.. i never expected it to. LOL