Problem with Console.

My xbox has started to play up and I was just wondering if anyone had any info or experience with this.

I traded my old xbox at xmas for the new 250gb xbox i had my old one since xbox was released and apart from the ring of death twice there was no problem with it, Ive had the new one now nearly ten month and last week it started coming up with attempting to read media on my dvds, so i fort at first mabye the discs were scratched but after i checked them they seemed ok, then about 3 nights ago im playing fifa 11 and it crashes so turn xbox off restart and then game wouldnt load up so opened disc tray which took awhile which is unusuall n then now all the games i try to play are jumpy and slow and fifa doesnt ever load up, i kno its under warranty and tomoz will see me going to game to take it bak, im not looking for any fixes just any general info on why this early the stupid machine would do this???


Thanks for any replys.


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Have you cleared your cache?  Sometimes when Xbox gets wonky a cache clean fixes all!

I had the same kind of problem with getting disk read errors; i phoned Support and its on its way back from Germany after being fixed; should have it on Monday as UPS don't work over the weekend!

I cleared cache when i first had the problem with watching DVD's but a week later  the problem seems to have got worse, I could ring support and get it sorted that way i suppose but I still have 2month on my warranty from the shop so should be able to go tomoz to Game and get it sorted a bit quicker shudnt i?

Yea take it back to Game; my wife got mine from Littlewoods and I couldn't be arsed going through all the hassle with them so just went to MS directly.

Defo better going directly to game I got the new slim 250 gig wen my old elite give the old little e74 error message and I was 11 months into the 12 month warranty was lucky cause my old 60 gig white xbox red ringed just after the 12 months so evened itself out really.

I belive that the actual disc reader lense is either dirty or damaged, my MW2 Console does exactly what yours does, mines not further damaged as it just plays dvds now due to me buying a new console.