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Turtle Beach X11's. Recieved them today from Game. Got home and took me 10 minutes to bloody figure out where all the cables and sockets had to go. Set it up and I have come across two problems: 

1. There seems to be a constant buzzing noise, now I'm not sure if that is a regular thing, but surely it shouldn't sound like 'The Borrowers' are giving one of their kind the electric chair in my earphones? 


2. At first my mic wouldn't work, I tried talking to my brother and he could hear me but I couldnt hear him. I turned my xbox on and off and the mic was working? Strange. 


Anyone come across this as a common fault, although I only got them today? Or does anyone think I should take it back?



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Are you using a wired controller or a play and charge kit. I only get the buzzing noise when using one of those two

I am using a play and charge kit, but I wasn't charging it at the time.

Not sure then as i only get the buzzing whilst charging

I get the buzzing noise when my mic is plugged in but not being used.  Unplugging the mic stops this.

Well I have just got back and tired joining party chat with my brother and the mic is still not working!

I'm taking them back to Game tomorrow and Im going to demand a replacement. I will go for the pleasant customer first.

try twisting the mic wire up at the point it connects to the headset round a bit?

Not tried that tbh. Might give it ago but I think Im going to take them back to Game tomorrow as its only 2 minutes from where I work.