Problem using a Wireless repeater

Ok, this one is a bit weird and a bit complicated, but here goes. We have two X-boxes, various W7/Xp/Vista pc's, a WHS 2011 server, and android phones/tablets, along with network printers. We have a virgin media cable connection whose modem is connected to a D-Link DIR-655 router by cat 5 cable, the first x-Box (a 4gb slim) connects via wi-fi to the d-link no problem, streams video, etc, and works just fine, but the other x-box a 120 gb 360 elite does not have a wi-fi connection and it will be situated in my sons bedroom, some distance from the D-Link, I have an Edimax BR-6574n gigabit wi-fi router, with the intention being to connect the Elite via Cat 5 cable to the Edimax, which we would then use as a wireless repeater, but we have a problem, when we test the network connectivity for the Elite it fails on internet connection, but network connection is fine. The error being DNS server could not be found, which is strange as when a W7 netbook is connected like this I get a internet connection just fine, tried setting the DNS on the Elite to the same as the W7netbook, tried setting it manual. I know the elite is fine as when I use a Cat 5 connection to the d-link it works just fine, tried using manual DNS settings, but still get the error. I do not want to run a 150 metre Cat 5 connection from D-Link to the Elite, or really want to buy the Microsoft WiFi connection, as we need the Edimax as a repeatre upsatirs in the house, any thoughts or ideas?. I reset the Elite network settings to factory defaults when I retest, so as to make sure no settings are carried over. 


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