Problem on the Windows 10 update

I just got the windows 10 update and i went into my games and apps and my pre order of black ops 3 is in the queue is that normal or no ? 


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I have to say windows 10 is done terribly. The friends are off to the side and the feed is hardly relevant, considering you can't see who did something unless you click on it, you can't see how much gamerscore a person got for an achievement, and clips don't even work have the time. I can't see anyone who's in a party and snap is harder to use. My profile background makes me disoriented since it's all the same shade of a color. I've been with Xbox for six years now and I can easily say that this update is not worth it. Plus, you cannot switch back unless you want to lose all your data. Moral of the story is: Don't get this update unless you are a disappointment addict.

OP just click on it and select install and it will fix it.  Happened with some games I owned and that fixed it.

OP dont worry about it the games that have not yet released will remain in the Queue even after they have installed, they will only stop showing there once the game has gone live on its release date, its a new feature!!

@ther00kie48 this is a beta some things dont work properly yet and some things have not even been added yet, thats the whole point of having a beta to test things as they release, stop complaining about something you willingly agreed to do, and if by any chance you didn't read the known issues list before applying to get the NXOE update(which everyone was told check before applying) then you have no right to complain.

The new UI  is faster and smoother i can invite friends to a party or game a lot quicker now aswell and thats without cortana there yet( although she is there if you know where to look for her).

I've had the windows 10 dash bored update for a little over a week now. games do start faster and the party does start faster, but the games and apps store is broken. I know this is a beta and all but isn't this supposed to go live next month? I've had to hard reset my xbox one about 8 times and its crashed on me 4 times. i tried buying a movie today and it won't let me, any time I go to the game section to see when games are coming out it kicks me back to the home screen. they have a lot of work to do before they push this update out. plus I called xbox today and the person i talked to couldn't even help me because she said shes not in the preview program....

Yeah, with it going live soon they have some work it seems.  I have had little issue for the most part but when I had one it was big enough.  Having issues getting back to the dash (actually not being able too) or even leave feedback and a restart was required.  Issue persisted while I was using instant on and required a hard reset.  Switch to power save mode and a restart was enough the second time it happened.

This is a beta that can be pushed unlike a "beta" for a game that has a hard release data 4 weeks or so away.  Especially considering that the game must go gold in that time and patching is not quite as easy as fixing before launch.  Also, they can continue to push test updates to users to get feedback often so this could be fixed fairly quickly with it working as well as it does.

Okay so I just did my update and I cant sighn in or can I connect to live and has stopped some instaltions after the update at 99 percent and give me an error code saying 0x87e00005 can anyone please help