Problem launching a G.o.d. game

I bought the Halo 4 console and transfered all of fallout New vegas because i downloaded it from the market place, transfered from a compat usb flash drive, i try launch game but a msg pops up from xbox store: Cannot launch fallout new vegas. Why won't it start with this gamertag that purchased it but when i use a different gamertag that didnt purchase it it starts? I downloaded the game on my other 320GiB hdd but i don't see that as a problem considering a different gamertag will launch it no problem.

I launched it from my other gt then once game menu appeared i signed out and logged in with this gt and got a msg to sign in with the gt that bought the game. The game is so good that its looking likely i will have too buy the ultimate edition on disc this time if i cant get help with my problem. That be 3 times ive bought this game, 1st time i lost it, 2nd i bought it off marketplace, 3rd time if i dont get this problem solved.

Also i cant transfer licences for at least 4 months.. if thats why i get an error.. f@#&* you microsoft.


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One of many reasons i only buy physical.

It'll be because of the licenses mate.

If you can mate, just buy the ultimate edition. I owned it for PS3, Xbox 360 and I'm off out to buy it again for 360 later on.


You get everything on disc mate and its well worth it. Plus you can get it for less than £20 at most shops or online.


Ring support and ask them nicely if they will do the license transfer for you, im sure if you explain its a new console and it wont play they will help.