problem downloading nhl 14 demo

been trying for 3 days. it starts to DL gets to about 26% then jumps to 44% then just stops. 5 minutes later it drops to 0% then starts to DL again. Then just quits and says Cannot download NHL 14. 

A second issue altogether is why can I not play any videos from the dashboard without them pausing to buffer every two seconds. Tjis is only an issue with videos from xbox dashboard.


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PB Dough is correct about the buffering. As far as downloading NHL, I would try accessing the demo on my storage device by going to "Game Demos" and deleting the NHL demo completely then try downloading it again. Please let me know if this helped or not.

In regards to the buffering every two seconds, I have the exact same problem, I would believe its based off of the internet connection speed, also your to NHL 14, try downloading it from the marketplace on - Demo - Full Game