Problem connecting tv with projector

So here's the set up. Projector-Panasonic PTAE 4000 Receiver-Onyo TX-NR 3008 Cox cable Connected as directed HDMI from cablebox to xbox in Xbox HDMI out to receiver BD when all that is done it says lost connection and cable does not work. Anyone have success connecting cable while using projector?

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How long is your total HDMI length overall. Have you tried HDMI to a TV (rather than the projector) just to check? Try other setups to narrow it down. Is it just the cable TV? Does the X1 dash go through to the projector?.

50 feet. Everything works except TV

I'm pretty sure 50' is too long for one (If I remember correctly, 25' is max), even just for the sake of picture quality. I would suggest some of these to shorten your length where they can be applied.

You could try bypassing the receiver. Go from the X1 to the projector. let me know how that works. Just that extra length of HDMI your adding between the cable box and projector could be enough to put it over the edge. If it is, that would make sense why the X1 signal alone works, because it's overall cable length is shorter.

There is always the simpler possibility, one of your cables you added (between the cable box and X1) is bad, or just low quality too,

I'll check cables..... Worst case scenario I just leave the cable connected to receiver like I had before.

Depends on how into cable TV you are I guess. I don't get into commercials with small show breaks in between so that feature wouldn't get used.