Pro Xbox Gamers

Pro Xbox Gamers

A Little Bit About Us

PXG are a UK based gaming community that was founded in June 2011 and since then has slowly started to grow and gain more support we currently take part in various gaming leagues which we like to take very seriously. Although we do like to have some fun along the way as that's what the games are about.

In august 2011 we started to expand our clan and have since opened up a US section for our friends across the pond although this section of the clan is growing at a slower pace than the UK section we do plan to have it up and running in the next few months.

Who We Are Looking For

we are looking for both hardcore and recreational gamers, for our hardcore applicants we have various gaming league modes for you to sign up to and for our more laid back applicants we have public matches just for fun every day and night so we do like to think we have something for everyone.

Games We Play

  • Cod Series
  • Halo Reach

What you need To Do

If you are interested in a trial or just want to check us out then head on over to our website which is listed below. Once registered on our site you will be able to fill out an application form which you will find in the recruitment section of our forums.

Please Note

The Following must apply to all applicants.

  • must have a working headset
  • must speak clear english
  • must be over the age of 16


Thanks to those of you who have taken the time to read over this and i hope to hear from you soon.


PXG Panther









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Hey there Panther,

Nice site - specifically the Avatar group shot, that's a nice informal touch.  Only saw the frontend as didn't register up.

I've recently broken away from a community (won't go into the why's and wherefores etc) with a few friends to startup a UK/US based clan (The Faction - FXN) along the lines of yours:  Competitive into GB etc once settled and a bit of casual too.  We'll play Reach, and will be playing Halo Anniversary, GOW3 and BF3.

Just wanted to ask if I could how you've gone about recruiting, as we have been live since July and probably looking for people since the beginning of this month, but haven't found a method that gets hits as yet.

Anything you'd be willing to share would be greeted with digestive biscuits and maybe a Twix.

cheers m8 :D

love to help ya out no problem

when your putting your advert up people who are viewing it usually hint at how to improve it and your ads will evolve like that,

as i started myself with a basic ads just saying that we where looking for people and it slowly ended up what it is just now and ive been seeing a much better response to the ad the way it is now to when i first started advertising in june.

heres a few sites where i like to advertise my clan.

and ofcourse

i must say to you though PXG did have a US section for a while and we realy struggled in pulling players from accross the water so we shut down our US section and focused mainly on the UK team until we get fully up and running.

if you need anymore info or have anymore questions then feel free to contact me on

xbox live

or even just this post

PXG Panther

Note To All Possible Applicants PXG clan site is currently undergoing a makeover so there will be areas that are offlimits to public

PXG Panther

further reply to FXN Smoke

i have taken a look at your website and it is very basic and i would suggest you open up an enjin site for your clan as it is more user friendly and has no adverts.

you can open a site by visiting

if you decide to open a site on enjin id gladly help you with getting yourself setup.


PXG Panther


Thanks Panther.

I'll make this the last reply in here to allow it to get back to its original purpose

no prob m8 remember if you need any help you know where i am :D