Private Skype chat broadcasting to EVERYONE!!!

Hey guys, 

anyone any explanation as to why a private Skype call broadcasts to everyone in the game??

My friend and I have been playing Battlefield and Fifa and have been using Skype to chat because the official Party chat system is broken, but when we are in a game our private conversation is still being broadcast to the entire room.

I can see why some people are being banned for profanity usage if this is happening to everyone when they are assuming they are in private.

If there is one part of the Xbox One environment that should most definitely be private, it should be Skype because not everyone using Skype will be using it as an alternative to the party chat and they might be having a VERY private conversation.

Surely when a Skype call is answered whilst on the Xbox One, it should automatically override the game chat and become private??

I have a list as long as my arm of mostly minor issues, much of which has been said a million time elsewhere, but this is a killer for me...  My parents sometimes Skype call me whilst I am gaming and I dont want my conversations with them broadcast to the world...

Please FIX!!


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