Pricing of games on XBL Store in different countries

Recently it was announced that MS witt try to boost sales on XBL Store through price cuts. On feb. 27th price cut for ZOO Tycoon was announced - to 39.99 USD.

Let's check the prices for different regions, shall we? If the price is reduced, normally it should be reduced for every country the very second the official announcement is out. This is how it works with Android Play Store and 

US: 39.99 USD = 28.93 €

UK: £49.99 = 60.6 €

EU: 69,99 € = 96,75 USD

Price on Amazon: £42.00

MS is so many years in business, it blows my mind how it's is unable to understand the concept of "contries other than US". You want to boost the sales? Start handling all countries equally for starts.

I often hear the argument that the publishers are responsible for prices of games. As a customer, I couldn't care less about who is responsible for the prices. Microsoft is running the whole thing, it's Microsofts rules and Microsoft should take care of this.


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Microsoft doesn't control the different taxes & conversion rates in different countries though.

I agree prices for on demand games are to high but you need to think about the above before compairing prices.

You have to look at the e-mail receipt you get when you buy something....

Here's the breakdown from when I bought Plants vs Zombies the other day...

Date Confirmation# Item(s) Amount
01/03/2014 XXXXXXXXXXX Plants vs. ZombiesTM Garden Warfare
- Plants vs. ZombiesTM Garden Warfare

SubTotal: £30.25
VAT: £4.54
Total Amount: £34.79

... the UK VAT can bump prices up quite a bit...

VAT,that was the other thing i was trying to think off.Was only on my first coffee when i posted lol.

PVZ is only £30 is shops and that has a disc to keep and a case to keep it in and can be installed any time without having to re download it, so why is the digital version still £5 dearer?

I noticed the Zoo Tycoon message to $39.99 too only to find out it was still £49.99 in UK, typical!

The prices of digital downloads are too high in general, especially if the game has a shelf life of a couple of months, it's money down the drain.

You can buy xbox live credit cheaper, for example a £50 gift card costs £44.86 at, which brings the price of digital games down a little bit.

Yuh thats what i did, got a gift card off Electronic First for 44 quid.

I have read that you can change the locale on your console and download games at the cheaper abroad price. Then change it back to your own country. Does this have any negative effects?

^^^ Dunno, but it sounds like a very good way of getting an account ban....