Preview the next XB1 update

Source: Major Nelson

The team is working hard to deliver some exciting updates in March that will make Xbox One even better. But in order to ensure our customers have the best experience on Xbox One and Xbox Live, we need the help of our passionate community.

Beginning today, Xbox is inviting select Xbox Live members to preview new features coming to Xbox One in a March system update and future system updates as they become available, asking them to provide valuable feedback before the updates are implemented worldwide. Selected participants will receive a message over Xbox Live with a code to register. The next system update will begin rolling out next week to those who will preview the new features. Once registered, participants will be able to test the early features included in the update and provide feedback on a private forum and can opt out of future waves.

Like Marc Whitten announced last week, the updates coming in March will significantly improve the multiplayer and party experiences on Xbox One. We’re counting on our fans to share their input as we’re putting the final touches on the new features that we plan to deliver in early March.

Thanks for helping make Xbox One even better. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the system updates whether you are participating in the preview or not. We love to hear from you.


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Where do I sign up?

^You don't, it says that selected members will receive a message over xbox live with a code to register for it.

I've been given the invite and just signed up for it.

I haven't got an e-mail :( Does anyone know if these are still going out? I have beta tested dashboards since 2010.

@zico291.  I guess they are sending them out still, I only received my a couple of hours ago.

Got my email this afternoon.

Need to send my Xbox One off for repair so wont get to preview much.

had my invite email but no code.

Then another email saying the emails went out a tad early. lol

Got an Email this morning

@Badger - nooo! what happened mate?

Disc drive is borked.

Reads blu-rays fine but takes several attempts to read a game.

Probably been like it since i got it on release but as all the games i won were digital i've only now just tried a disc game in it.

Gutted as i'm so loving being a pirate in Blag Flag at the moment lol

^ *** - sorry to hear fella, hopefully you get a new one sharpish!

Cheers for helping my fleet on black flag by the way : )

I keep trying to return the favor but never see any of your ships!

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.