Preview program glitches

I don't know where to put this thread, so it's going here.

EVERY time I report a problem by holding the middle button, I am taken to the dashboard app.  That's a good thing, except an error pops up every single time so I can't actually report ANY problems.  So here's the problems, since I can't properly report them.

1.)  The community list which displays clips, ahmchievements and screenshots.  Every time I view a clip, there is a blank black screen and I can't see the clip.

2.)  Dashboard app doesn't work when I want to report something, obviously.

3.)  Every time I turn my console back on from standby mode, it automatically opens up the last app I had up.  Someone told me it's supposed to do this, well, I hate it.  I go to sleep watching Netflix, I don't want to watch it when I get off work, I want to play my game.

4.)  Every time I say "Xbox snap game DVR", it snaps and disappears after 3 seconds without letting my record my 5 minute clip.  Or any size clip.

5.)  Occasionally when I click the middle button to go home, it does take me home, but sometimes it reopens the previous app/game by itself without my doing.

6.)  EVERY time I turn my system on, it randomly tells me about 3-5 random games or apps that are "Ready to Start".  I've had these downloaded for months now, wtf?

7.)  My Xbox randomly turns completely off.  Power box plugged in, everything plugged in, TV still on, the box just farts...  so to speak.  That might be my Xboxs issue, but I'm blaming it on you because it didn't start happening until the update came along.

8.)  This isn't a glitch.  Pressing the Right Trigger is kinda cool, but that's it.  Nothing stands out, it's just there.  I guess it's conveinient, but boring.  You should let us scroll with our right anolog like it's the web, THAT would be cool.  Instead hitting the Right Bumper to see a boring page bump, just scroll through at a slower pace.  But keep the Right Bumper for a faster pace.

Alright I'm done.  I hope this helps, and I do enjoy the update despite the glitches.  I hope they get wrinkled out before you give the update to the public, cause they will sh*t bricks lol.


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Most of the bugs and issues should be worked out before official release. The point of the preview program is to identify and correct issues with a smaller audience so that an update doesn't go out that will not function as expected. Since this update is a complete redesign of the operating system, there are more bugs and glitches than in most updates.

You'll want to post this, and everything else preview related in the preview forums ( This will also ensure that the proper team sees your post and can help you out. Also, make sure you look at the list of known issues to see if there is a workaround.

Whenever possible, be sure to report any issues via the preview app on your console, so that all relevant data gets reported to Microsoft. When you have issues accessing the app, a hard reset usually helps.

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