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Does anyone know how microsoft is selecting people for the preview program? Is it random, or is there some sort of other criteria? I mean I've been an xbox live member for over 10 years now. it would be nice to be rewarded for being a loyal customer haha


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Have someone who is in the preview program invite you in. I'm not sure how long it takes though. I invited a few friends and  co-workers in, but they haven't received a message from Xbox yet. A lot of people have been trying to get in these past couple of days.

Being invited doesn't guarantee you a spot though. Microsoft still has to approve you. I don't think they've ever released any specific criteria that they are looking for though.

Does anyone know if you need to have gold to become a preview member? I was invited a few days ago, and I'm not sure if there is just a lot of delay because of all of the traffic the reverse compatibility has caused, or if it is because I don't currently have xbox gold.

Most likely due to the hugr demand

With betas they have limited enrollment to keep bugd from killing alot of consoles

Betas arent meant for mass release

The only reason why the interested peaked was becayse of the bc announcementm

Yeah, its just I don't know if I haven't been accepted yet because I don't have gold, or if they are even accepting this huge wave of people coming in from reverse compatibility, or if it is just taking them longer to accept people because there are so many of them!

Someone mentioned that they stoped enrollments till july (ambassador) and his answer was confirmed by xbox forum stsff so who knows

so are people no longer being allowed in then until July???

A preview program is that.. a preview. As stated earlier if everyone was in the preview program it wouldn't be a preview.....    but I can play A World Of Kelflings before you....   lol     yawn

so how do I go about joining this july update, do I still need to be invited by a "friend who has it" what if all my friends only own xbox 360s and I'm the only xbox one user.

Then ylu download the preview registration app and wait

Its not an update its a beta everyone who is in the preview program has it already