Constant issues! No forum for help!

Xbox constantly freezes, 

Everyone it's turned on I have to re enter my wi Fi info

Party chat freezes/boots me randomly, freezes xbox and have to restart.

Pad randomly turns off, xbox freezes, have to restart

Profile has strange looking font

Automatically/randomly takes me from appear in offline and puts me online.

Multiple games freeze.

And just to really take the ***, if I want to go back to the old programme, you'll reset my xbox to factory default for no reason I can think of.

So, to summarise. I now have a £400 console that doesn't do what I want or what it's supposed to....

What's going to be done about this?


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"No forum for help"

How about the preview support forum

When you signed up for the new dash you were warned that it could cause issues & that a factory reset was part of reverting back to the old dash.

A factory reset is the only way to wipe the new dash from your hard drive.