Pretty Annoying Mic/Controller/Console problem! NEED HELP!!

I have no idea what this problem is, hence the title, but basically I use a wired mic and I cannot hear any of what my friends are saying through the mic, but I can through my TV if I set it up to play through both or just the TV, but the weird thing is they can hear me just fine!

Also what made me post this hear is that I have tried 2 different Mics in 3 different Controllers... so surely there can't be something wrong with every mic and/or controller I have right? I mean it was working perfectly just the other day! I also swear I heard something just as I turned off my console too.

If anybodies got any solutions it would be so helpful, I don't really wanna buy a new controller or headset which is quite expensive only to find out that there a completely different problem and I've just wasted money, and besides Gears 3 is out on Tuesday and I would love to be able to actually speak to my friends when we play.


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Well since you didn't mention it,  have you tried turning up the volume on the mic?

Yeah sorry about that,  I have tried that.

It came about last night where I thought my friend was just lagging, but it's now apparent that it was me.

If your friend is lagging for you then it's there connection, trust me I have a friend on my list that has problems with his connection and when he starts to lag in the party he has to reset. It might come down to lag at the end of the day. You said you heard a noise when you shut down your console, was the noise coming from the mic?

I know I wasn't lagging, because today I was talking to two other people but I could only hear them through my TV and it was perfect which is why I have posted now because last night I just assumed it was lag... I'm not sure if it could be something to do with the console itself?

Could be the mic as you suggested, Wired mics can break really easily (I've through 3 or 4). Well if they can hear you on the mic then I only assume that the headset could be knackered and that's why you can't hear anybody.

Yeah that could be it, but the same problem with both of my mics? That's what makes me a bit suspicious really

Try the following:

  1. Adjust your voice preferences.
    1. Press the Guide button on your controller.

    2. Go to Settings.
    3. Select Preferences.
    4. Select Voice.
    5. Clear the Mute checkbox, and increase the volume to 10.
    6. Under Voice Output, select Play Through Both.
    7. See if you can hear other players.
    8. If this doesn't fix the problem, try selecting Play Through Headset under Voice Output.
  2. Verify your communication setup. See Communicate with friends on Xbox LIVE.
  3. Verify that you don't have a NAT issue. See Error: Your NAT type is set to strict (or moderate).

Yeah I saw that before I created this, I tried it and nothing changed.

Now and then I'll get like a second of sound coming through my mic, it's really odd.

can you here voice messages you record and play back to your self if not you headset is busted

i think the gain might need adjusting..if not it could be the left filange

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