Preorder Xbox One

Hey guys, forgive me if this is in the wrong place. I can't navigate these forums for the life of me ><

I would like to preorder the Xbox One for day one edition, but preferably on the high street.

Is there anywhere that people think they might have stock left? I was going to try HMV tomorrow whilst I'm in town.

I know I left it late, it's just that I didn't know I had the money to buy a new console, until now.

Thanks in advance ^^


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I dont think anywhere has stock of the day one left. Everywhere in my town center are already onto phase 2 preorders

Yeah I didn't think so. I just wanted the fancy day one items :(

No matter, I'll go check HMV tomorrow anyway, and if not, shall preorder from GAME and wait for phase 2.

Other places you could try are:- Sainsbury's, Tescos, Currys and Asda - not saying they will have stock, but worth checking out your local stores.

Thanks, I'll try those tomorrow :)

I ended up preordering with GAME for phase 2. See you in November!

Sorry Storm but Phase 2 means you wont properly get a Xbox one in November it will be more like December or even later

Regarding Phase 2 for the pre-orders, haven't both Microsoft and Sony said that there should be plenty more stock coming not long after launch? I remember an article on IGN where they said if you don't manage to secure a console for launch you shouldn't be waiting too long for the next batch.

Obviously this could of all changed but I know both companies only recently have been talking how they are increasing production aswell.

I have a feeling there will be plenty available of both consoles, They just try and get you scared to make you place a pre-order. MS and Sony know the demand for their consoles, to not have some available at launch may lead someone to buy the other one which im sure neither company wants. Either way with only a month before xmas im sure there will be loads of stock available in between. I havnt pre-ordered but im confident i will get a console on release.

My local Smyths Toys is still taking orders for launch. Still got some Day One allocation too.

I'm sure I'll get a console a week or 2 after the launch date :)

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