Pre-orders starting to sell out in the UK

So both GAME and Amazon UK are now out of Day One pre-orders. Only took, what 3 weeks or so after the US? Nice to see them selling out though. Nobody in Ireland has run out yet and several UK places still have em, including the MS store.


So UK folks, if you haven't already best get your pre-order in if you want a Day One edition.


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I thought they already had sold out. Still, not a surprise either way. Demand for the next-gen consoles is bound to far outstrip supply I'd wager.

I think Amazon had sold out and then restocked recently. They were in stock either yesterday or the day before and aren't now

I called a few Gamestops in Ireland and they still have plenty of pre-orders they can take. They are still taking PS4 pre-orders as well.


Yeah I haven't seen anywhere in Ireland that's sold out yet. But on the PS4 thing I think everywhere is still taking pre-orders but the pre-orders aren't guaranteed for launch day anymore

Wool you make me laugh but yes sole out at my local game and still have ps4 orders asked the guy he went people just not buying it we had a load come in with the fifa orders and get extra game or move over fully to xbox