Pre-Ordered the Polk 4 Shots $149.99 from

I decided to preorder the Polk 4Shots today. The price on is $149.99 ($10 cheaper than MRSP)

No ETA on the order though.

BTW this is $10 cheaper than Amazon's website too


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Ill wait for a few other things to come out.

A few other headsets? Or things in general?

Polk is known for Audio so I think these will be solid. They seem to be on par with the Turtlebeach Xo7 headset.

With my 360 I used the cheapest Turtlebeach head set out there (XL1) and liked them, so these should do me fine

I been buying Polk audio for yrs, but I'm very disappointed with the sound bar I bought over the summer for 400 bucks. You have very little control with sound setup. And the sound it's self is nothing compared to my old surround sound system.

Maybe all sound bars are like this? But I realy don't care for them at all. I will never buy another one. It was even made for xbox360 and it just sounds like crap. Oh well u live n learn. I had mostly good experiences with Polk.....

I am hoping this is a good product. If I dont like them, I can always return them within the first couple weeks and get the Turtle Beaches

As for sound bar audio, I have never had a sound bar so maybe they are all like that... maybe some are more tune-able

Headsets. Also, sound bars are often disappointing when compared to headsets. Headsets give a greater immersion feel. You can actually hear the subtle audio cues for location in some games and movies.

I was planning on picking up the Polk headset too. I love how they are wireless and the adapter plugs into the bottom f the controller.  The feature that got me the most though was the retratable mic. I'm looking forward to buying these next month