Praising the xboxone

All I see is people moaning so I'm starting a thread just for the praise of the great machine. If u ain't got nothing nice to say then please do not say anything. Now I got my xboxone day one edition at the midnight launch, naturally I was first in the que. When I got home I rock pictures of my games (all launch games) and put them on Facebook. I then set my xboxone up and as I did it I admired the build quality of everything from the box to how it was packaged. The first game I set up was ryes son of Rome. The minute I started it I loved it I then played Forza 5 I scanned all my codes etc all my games took 15minutes or less to install even with the included updates the only game in my collection I ain't played and that's still sealed as I ain't had time to play it yet. Iv had no problems with my xboxone my only gripes are no battery indicator and the party isn't perfect yet also want a hard drive storage indicator but I have faith in Microsoft iv loved my xboxone and all the games I praise Microsoft and there designers please keep up the good work.

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xbox one is AWESOMESAUCE

Great Console, with some very good launch games!

New Gen new grind! Go X1

When I opened my xbox one I was like a kid at Christmas. I too was imprresed with solid build of the console. After hearing all the complaints on the size of it, I really didn't think it was that big. And as for the look, I loved it. It fit so nice into my entertainment unit with all my other gear. It really looked like it belonged. As for the UI. I thought it was great straight off. Of course it took a little getting used to but, I though it looked neat and clean. I was surprised how quiet it was. This is like a ghost! But of course the biggest surprise for me was, Kinect. I really wasn't expecting anything great but I really do love it. I use voice control for everything now. I know it's not perfect right now but the potential is truly there. To say I'm happy with this machine is an understatement. It has the potential to become one of the great consoles. It has some stiff competition, past and present but I really think it's got a shot!

I agree with the whole "If you don't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" mantra, but where in a world barely filtered so take the criticism with a grain of salt.  Other than that, I'm glad majority of us who have it enjoy it so keep rocking it! :] #LongLiveXboxOne!

Great system ... now if I could get my close friends from the 360 days to take the jump.

New to the X Box, I did not know what to expect. I have been enjoying every minute, great console.

Here is a list of games i plan on playing over the next year.



Quantum Break

Sunset Overdrive

Project Spark



Evil Within

Watch Dogs


Metal Gear Solid

Dying Light




Mad Max

Dragon Age

Final Fantasy

Kingdom Hearts

Elder Scrolls

I like my One, I'm not praising it after MS basically shat on gamers faces at E3, maybe if we get some good exclusives and the small things fixed. Sorry I still think 360 had a much better focus on what it wanted to be at launch.


Thats about the same as my list. It looks like a great year of gaming ahead of us!

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