Power on or off???

I just got an x box one and cant decide if it is better to leave my x box on or off...wont leaving it on in standby mode reduce its life span???



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It shouldnt. The console is designed to be left on. But do whatever makes you feel comfy

Mine has been left on in standby mode since launch day , hardly gets warm. I only do a a complete shut down after major updates or to try to resolve any bugs I might come across

I used to keep mine in standby mode, but sometimes my acheivements won't pop and to fix it you have to turn it off and back on. So now I just keep it powered off, small issue, might not bother most

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I have left mine in instant on mode since launch, haven't had any issues with it yet. MS also said before launch that the X1 was designed to be on for 10 years straight, so it shouldn't be an issue unless the unit itself is defective.

I unplug mine after every use.


you mean we can turn these off???  hell.. mine has been fully powered since Nov '13  no issues yet