power, no signal, everything hooked up 100% right

so I powered up my xbox today after work and find it froze at the dashboard so the genius I am I restart the xbox to try to resolve the problem and go to start it back up and find out NOTHING is working the xbox light on the console is lit up, the PCU reads a steady white light, theres no light on the Kinect, and the controller light it flashing like its trying to find a signal to the console.  but my main problem seem to be I power it up and I get No Signal to the TV which was weird bc it was working 2 min before  ive tried 3 100% working HDMI cords (works on numerous other devices but the xbone) and still nothing tried the eject power hardswitch to lower resolution and I cant tell if its working or not. if anyone can please figure this out or toss some advice other than buying a new box youd be my god


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Phone customer support, they'll sort it out, if not they'll either repair it or give you a new one, it is still in warranty after all.

If you have tried all the usual steps like Shaggy said ring support and get talked through it to confirm then of to repair or back to the retailer with it.