Power brick? Or fried Xbox?

What's up guys, I was out Christmas shopping earlier this morning and when I got home I wanted to get on and play some BF4. I have a newer model 250gb 360 slim. I hit the power button on my controller only for my Xbox not to turn on. So I hit the power button on the console, and still nothing. So I unplugged everything and picked up my Xbox held it sideways and water ran out of it. Now my dads girlfriend and I have had some bad blood but I wouldn't think she would go above and beyond to sabotage my Xbox. So after about 6 hours of letting it dry out, I plugged everything back up, I had removed my hard drive and manually removed the disc in it after doing some research to figure out how. So with everything plugged back in my power brick is in standby which is normal with the console off. When I push the power button on the console it dings like its about to come on, the light flashes on then off completely, and the light on the power supply goes out completely. Now my dog had actually chewed the end of the power chord that plugs into the power brick, but it has been working fine for around 5 or 6 months. Now all of a sudden I get this. Not sure if my Xbox was sabotaged but I'm hoping that if it's Atleast making noise its not dead and it's my power supply. Anyone have any ideas on what could be the problem? And does anyone reccomend a place to get a new power brick? I've been looking at amazon and best buys website because I'm really not looking foward to handing over $55 to Microsoft when I can get a cheaper one. This is my 3rd 360 and I literally just got it in April or may, can't really afford another one. Any ideas will help. Thanks for reading.

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If water has ran out of the console its unlikely a new power brick will fix the problem.

Well the console wasn't on, and it wasn't much water that came out. I've read about people spilling whole beers and stuff in their Xbox and they still work. I'm going to take it to work and see if one of my coworkers power brick will do anything different. If not I guess I'll just have to buy a new console..

Your console is dead, water and electronics do not mix. You might need to get a new console. Sorry for this to happen to you on Christmas of all days. The question you should be asking is how did it get water in it?

I have a pretty good idea where the water came from. If nobody was here except 1 person. Nothing around the console itself is wet. There's no leaks or water dripping from anywhere around my console itself. And it's placed in a pretty inaccessible place except by human hand. Well, that really only points the finger in 1 direction. I can't prove it though, so I just have to suck it up and fork over another $250 for a 4th Xbox I guess. Or just forget about it and move on.

hello , I have a xbox one , but I have a problem , the problem is that it is connected with the power button , but it is not connected , hence making the shot, and push the button but he does not care . thank you very much


Xbox one support is located here.

Make a new thread there and explain your issue better, really can`t understand that.