Power Brick noise - does it have an internal fan?

I was curious if anybody else is hearing a hum from their power brick? If my power brick is in use or my console is in Instant-On mode (white light on the brick at all times) I hear the hum, if I set my Xbox one to Power Saving mode the Brick has a yellow light when the console is powered off and the hum goes away.


Does the Brick have an internal fan? When your power brick has the white light on, does it make any noise? Just want to make sure that this is normal, thanks guys. :)


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My power brick is also making a hum that sounds like a little fan. It only happends in Instant-On mode, when theres a white light. I guess that means its normal.

yeah I just unplugged mine

Yes it's a fan. I don't have the link, but I saw on the xbox site, that the fan noise is  normal. I only notice it when everything else in the room is turned off.

Microsoft really weren't taking any chances with over-heating were they? Fan in the powerbrick, vents on the top, the sides, and the back of the console... stay Cool, Xbox.

Some 360 power bricks had one too, I think. I'm not sure which model, but it's a fairly new (2-3 years old max) 360 that my friend has. I borrowed it for a weekend while he was out of town and when I was heading to bed and had turned everything off I was wondering what is making this humming sound. I found out it was the power brick :D I can't recall for sure if it had vents, but it sure made a distinguishable hum.


And I think it's great that MS made sure it won't overheat. Not only to not repeat the whole RRoD scandal, but also cos this is a device that is designed to stay on a lot more than fe. 360 cos of the passthrough. So the device needs to stay cool even if it's on 24 hours a day! :D

Seems like fans everywhere brick Xbox and kinect

theres one on the controller too!


This is the page that ChunkyDeMonkey was talking about, fan noise from the power brick is normal if you have your XBOX set to Instant-On, it uses power to keep Kinect listening. You'll only notice the noise after turning off your XBOX after use (high power usage). When it uses less power (Kinect listening only) it takes less to cool the power brick therefore less noise.  

i have to unplug my machine every night because of the noise and light - not cool


Change your power settings from Instant-On to energy saving mode.  This will alleviate two problems:

1. No Buzzing

2. No bright white light. Instead, you'll see a much more dim orange light.

I don't even see the Orange light, but I did see the White light very well and the reflection was bad.   My power brick is behind a filing cabinet.

However, your XBOX One will not be in "Always On" mode. It appears that you'll have to manually turn it on and run the updates yourself.  I'm starting to think this might be safer instead of unplugging it, because if I understand Always-On, correctly, updates are applied at any time, and unplugging during an update might be fatal.

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