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Wow... can't believe I managed to find this forum again.... damn it's hard to find now! used to be here quite a lot before it changed...

anyway on to my question:

Does any one have any idea where I can get an official power adapter for the xbox 360 s????



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well a daily trawl though ebay finally turns one up!

there is another if anyone is after one:


Ebay should be your first choice!.

Thanks guys,

didn't think of cex, they haven't any on the website, but will email them.

The only ones I can find on amazon / ebay are cheap chinese copies and have bad reviews for being loud!

The one I already have isn't faulty, just want another one so I can move my xbox from room to room without having to mess about with wires too much. (so I can escape the wife! )

Or you can buy one from Xbox Support when you phone them, if you're out of warranty.

Surley if your power brick is faulty you can get it replaced for free by MS the Slim hasnt been out for 12 months yet

also you can try www.cex.co.uk theres usually a lot in stock or if you have a store nearby theres always some in stock.

Damn I was about to suggest those! lol

Welcome back :-)   have you checked Amazon its usually the first place I look, then Ebay UK........ yep just looked some on Amazon