POST HERE if your Xbox ONE pre order did not arrive on Day ONE

For all of us still waiting for our pre-orders to show up (or if reading this and it showed up late), we need to band together and let Microsoft know.

We paid for Guaranteed day one, we did not get that.  What are you going to do for us Microsoft?

Many of us lost a day of work, spent hours on the phone to Microsoft support and to UPS, not to mention the feeling of regret for purchasing direct instead of from our local retailers.  How will you win us back Microsoft?  As it stands right now, I get the feeling that there are a lot of people besides myself who will not ever use or ever recommend the Microsoft store to anyone ever again.

I had the worst support call I've ever experienced with any company over this issue and its left me with a very sour taste.

Anyone else?


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I did not receive my 'Day One' edition on 'Day One' I preordered direct from the Microsoft store months ago. UPS did not start to deliver my xb1 until thursday as they recieved it too late from Microsoft.  I am told via tracking it will arrive on the 28TH!I am in the UK which does not justify the 6 day delay!! The UK is not a huge enough place for them to take bloody 6 days to deliver a parcel! 1-3 days usually, and also the fact MS did not dispatch the consoles early enough deliberately knowing full well some customers would receive there's late...UPS confirmed this via phone. Dissapointed isn't even the word.  Microsoft customer support has been useless in my opinion and is anything but 'support' they provide no appology. no explanation, no resolve and the one I got was rude with a bad attitude.

Everyone here in Edmonton who ordered from MS store also won't get ours until Monday.  Still waiting for any kind of response from Microsoft.

Toronto Canada here. UPS lied. I waited at home all came n went. Addrress on file was verified twice as right. Paid for a guaranteed day one. Not received. More than annoyed.

Annacis Island, BC, Canada 11/22/20139:09 P.M. Arrival Scan

Richmond, BC, Canada 11/22/20138:45 P.M. Departure Scan11/22/20138:37 A.M.

Warehouse Scan 11/22/20138:37 A.M.

Package data processed by brokerage. Waiting for clearance. / Delivery rescheduled. 11/22/20138:19 A.M.

Import Scan 11/22/20137:14 A.M.

Arrival Scan 11/22/20136:29 A.M.

Late airplane.Seattle, WA, United States 11/22/20136:15 A.M.

Departure Scan 11/22/20135:00 A.M.

Arrival Scan Ontario, CA, United States 11/22/20132:37 A.M.

Departure Scan Ontario, CA, United States 11/21/20138:01 P.M.

Origin ScanUnited States 11/21/201312:00 P.M.

Order Processed: Ready for UPS

Now its sitting 15kms away from me, I could have just picked it up!!!

Ordered in June.... Still waiting here in the UK called microsoft Friday and they guaranteed it would arrive before 7pm and its still not here. Called at the week end just got passes from place to place and nobody helped.

I went all the way through the order process with the microsoft store until I got to the payment and saw that it was indeed not a guaranteed arrival date of the 22nd.  If you were to go back and do it all again you will see that they give an EXPECTED arrival date which doesn't mean you will be getting it that day but they expect it to get there that day.  You have no complained other than you failed to read exactly what was stated.  Stop blaming Microsoft as it's not their fault.

To be fair i called on the 22nd and two different people guaranteed it would be here by 7pm and not to worry. Called on Saturday they said they would send an email with details and i received nothing

i just got a 20 euro promo code from microsoft i rang up and told them i want something and thats whats i got after some words were exchanged

I'd also like to note you didn't pay any extra charge for a day one

No but i have had to book Friday and Monday off now to receive the delivery after being told on Thursday and Friday that it was guaranteed for Friday 22nd before 7pm over the phone. I dont mind it being late but i do mind that they keep lying to me if they had said look there has been a problem it will come on Monday that would be fine. As it stands after all the farce on friday they have told me itll come today before 12 its now 12:30 and its not here again.

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