Possible day one t-shirt

I thought I would post this as I don't think this has been posted but please let me know if it has. I was talking to a friend in Grainger Games here in the UK. He sarcastically asked me if I wanted to pre order a Xbox One (he knows I don't want one yet). After I said no thanks he sarcastically said but you will miss out on Day One t-shirt. I asked so your giving t-shirts with the Xbox One now? He said apparently so he has been told.

So yer not the best news ever. If you pre ordered your Xbox One from grainger games store you might (not 100% sure) get a Xbox One Day One T-shirt free when you collect your Xbox One at launch.

In other news GAME are taking pre orders for Day Xbox 12 month XBL codes.


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What is Grainger Games?

Its a retail chain here in the UK.

there are rumors that a free game is coming to xbox one for USA as well but i wouldn't put topo much stock in it. People are guessing if there is one, it'll be madden 25 becuase of deals with the NFL and football in america being the equalivent of Soccer in europe (and they get fifa free)