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I have reason to believe that i have found a cheater on Xbox live. It seems he is using a program that removes the game off his GT, still keep the gamer score but the game doesn't show up on his tag. I found this out on a Xbox 360 gaming website which shows "stats". Basically on this site it says he has a certain amount of gamer score on a game but when you check his tag the game doesn't show. I have checked the Gamer tag on different consoles and gamer tags but it still says the same. If possible i would like to speak to a member of the Xbox Live enforcement team to provide more details.



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Sorry but, you wil have to file a report through the console function for ANY enfocement action.   Just know that it's possible for gamers to hide games and stats from public view through the console functions also.   GOOD LUCK!!!

PeAchyLe4, it sounds more like the User simply has Privacy Settings Enabled. You can have nothing as of Games displayed if you choose. It's not "cheating" or using any External Software by doing this, it's part of XBL.

Never heard of anyone being able to remove gamerscore, you'd have to remove the data from the xbox live servers somehow. Not sure what site you're looking at, but it could be a problem with the site. Perhaps someone else with that game had the gamertag before and his stats were combined with the new ones?

Actually, he has removed games. He's done it before and he's doing it again, i have here the source of how he did it before to remove several "Hard" or "Unobtainable" completions from his gamer card. Although i've been told the method on the link has been patched by Microsoft he has removed a recent game that he couldn't complete but i'm unsure how...

Source: 2008


I won't put the gamer tag of the person i'm inquiring about on the forums but i will share this information with a member of the Enforcement Team.

Filing a complaint isn't possible, i've been directed here from Xbox Support as they told me i'd be able to speak with a member of the Enforcement Team.


Wow, I was not aware of that.


Unfortunately, support says that to a lot of people. But you're the first one with enough common sense not to reveal the cheater's gamertag to the general public. The enforcement team is only active in the suspension forums and you can only post there regarding suspensions. Filing a complaint is really the only way to report cheaters, as far as I'm aware.

alright thanks alot for the info i will see what i can do

I've never heard of this.

Hey OP, what was it this "cheater" won that you didn't win because they allegedly removed games from their profile? That must have been a really valuable prize for you to go through all this trouble. Obviously, it isn't petty jealousy or anything like that, so I won't bring that up.


I see you have 104k gamerscore. Is that supposed to say 120k or more, but because someone else allegedly changed theirs, yours was lowered?


I can't wait for the absolute decider of gaming prowess to be upon us, when the Xbox One launches and we finally get achievements for ...Watching TV!!! That's when we will truly see who the best gamers are!

Look mate i don't know what your getting at but i am a honest completionist and i think that removing gamer score to maintain 100% completion is as unfair as modding your Xbox 360 gamer tag to add gamer score to your tag.

Unfair how? Did they win a contest? How were you affected by anything someone else did to their profile?

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