Possible Agent on Xbox hint from SentUAmessage?

When watching SentUAmessage on the dashboard earlier there was someone asking a question about Max Payne 3. After they answered the question, Mr Pointy Head (I think?) went on to talk briefly about Agent  then stopped and moved onto another question.


Obviously as of now Agent is a PS3 exclusive that was announced back in 2007, then revealed at E3 2009 (well a logo was anyway) since then though nothing has been seen or heared from the game. Could this little joke/hint mean that Agent could be coming to Xbox?


I know some don't watch it, but if you want to see the part I'm talking about skip to about 8 minutes


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Sure it was confirmed a while back that Agent was going to be on Xbox....

I don't think it was officialy. People began to think that it might be after Jack Tretton, when interviewed at E3 about whether Agent was still exclusive or not he couldn't give an instant yes or no, just that it's up to Rockstar to announce something and that he wasn't sure from what I remember.

It possibly could happen and I think it will. L.A. Noire was originally a PS3 exclusive but they decided to bring it to Xbox.

Nothing is offical. However all you have to do is watch Jack Tretto.....


6min. Clear that they ain't getting it to be PS3 only.