Poss One console problem

Not sure if this is a fault or not, I turn my XOne console on and eject the disc that's in and replace it with another. But it doesn't register that there is a disc in this time, I eject it and put back in again and no it says no disc . So I shut the console down, the tv goes blank but the xbox logo stays on it glows on the console and pad and Kinect but the lights throb and the Kinect one goes on and off. This happens for about 5-10 minutes then everything shuts down. When I turn the console back on it starts up in safety mode then all is working properly, is this normal ? It's happened twice now.

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I wondered if it was a problem with me taking the disc out of the console not long after I had turned the console on, causing something to go wrong when I entered another disc into the console, ie it not reading it. But seems strange how it doesn't shut down properly it takes as I've said 5-10 mins.

After I turn my console off its takes a few mins to stop pulsing lol did on the 360 aswell

Mine died after 2 weeks, and i'd hardly used it tbf, although it's good, and i can see the massive potential. It feels rushed and very tempremental.

Not happy with M$, can't even be bothered to go through with the hassel of sending it back at the minute.


If I switch mine off in energy save mode it pulses for a few seconds, before completely turning off but thats it - i've never left a disc in though?

@ Pesty ...

If you look on the Support Forums there's a few posts of people having issues of the console not recognising discs and a few of them have said like you they leave a disc in the console when powering down, I wonder if that has something to do with it?

Not sure what to suggest about it taking 5-10 minutes to power down, have you tried a hard reboot ( when the console is on hold the power button in for about 5 seconds and it resets itself ) to see if that helps?

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

I always leave my games discs in the Xbox One when I power it off. No issues yet.

Cheers guys. Lofty I will remember to eject disc before shutting down, I'll see if that makes a difference. I know the Wii U lets you know if you have left a disc in when powering it off.

I've been leaving my disc in the xbox one and so far no problems, I've always been too lazy to take them out lol.

Yeah i always leave discs in my console too, not had any issues. I'm in "instant on" power mode thing if that makes a difference.

^ Same here,  disc left in and insta on mode.