position of xbox

is it better to lay the xbox on its side or stand it up straight?


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The Xbox 360 is designed to be used in either position.  With any electronics though, it's important to ensure you have adequate airflow for cooling purposes.  

It can go either way, but there is reason to believe that having it stand up straight makes it more prone to disc shredding. The Xbox is more stable when it's on it's side and has less of a chance of tipping over or wobbling, so I recommend that way to anyone.

I would say it depends on it's location. Airflow is really important to cooling so I would position it in a way that is gonna allow the most hot air to get away from the console as possible. For example if you have it standing up vertically but there is a shelf wall or something right next to it, it would be better to lay it down on it's side. Also as b trumpet mentioned, the console will not tip over if it's on its side so if you are going to have it vertical, make sure it's in a location that doesn't get a lot of traffic or movement to lower the chances of it getting hit over or something.

If its already laying down flat it can't fall down.

with the older xbox, laying down flat is hands-down the best option for both airflow and stability.  With the new one, it's still more stable on its side, but i do believe that MS accounted for better cooling while it's standing up