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Hey All I see in January we are getting a HD port of the rather good Tomb Raider for our XboxOnes,now Square Enix seemed to have done a pretty good job of this by the looks of it and it hasn't taken that long (and we all know SE like to take their time). What I'm hoping is if it's not that hard a job and obviously doesn't take forever do you think we might see some other really good games make the crossover,I for one would defiantly buy Gears Of War if they did that aswell as GTA V and Alan Wake just to name a few. what do you guys n gals think

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GTA V will probably happen.  I think Alan Wake and Gears of War are unlikely.

I definitely see GTA V being announced for next gen consoles before too long.

I think Gears of War will happen eventually but there was an article on OXM recently when Microsoft said .. "Gears of War needs a few years break" ... so probably not for a good few years yet.

I would rather have new titles than glossed over remakes with the same gameplay.   One exception would be KOTOR.

KOTOR needs to happen :-)

Come to think of it I would also like a Resident Evil game ;-)

Jet Set Radio !!!!!!

Thought Rockstar had already said there definately wont be a xbox one/PS4 version of GTA V.

Wouldn't mind a KOTOR remake though :-)

I still reckon that if we see any kind of GTA V port to X1/PS4 it'll just be the online portion of the game.


I know it sounds mean, but I hope this Tomb Raider re-issue doesn't do well, otherwise it'll pave the way for more and more remakes instead of new games....


(Mind you, Borderlands 2 would be awesome on X1... but I am happy to wait for Borderlands 3)

Yeah I agree I would rather have new games instead of remakes, however I would love to play through tomb raider again