Popular Mechanics Honors Xbox One with 2013 “Breakthrough Award” for Innovation


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I remember seeing it quite a while ago, though it didn't last long....doesn't hurt to inform those who might of missed it.

Exactly, and at a time when the X1 is building more momentum with the quality of the games being shown.Its a timely reminder for some who troll these boards

Don't worry I'm sure they'll be here soon to say they were bought off or something...

To Whom It May Concern,

In regards to a post within this thread, I received the following email:

[quote user="xbox.com forums - automated email"]Your forum post was deleted by a moderator.

Subject: Re: Popular Mechanics Honors Xbox One with 2013 “Breakthrough Award” for Innovation
Posted to: Xbox One General Discussion

Reason: This post has been deleted due to it not being at all positive, and or non-constructive. Please do not have a large percentage of your posts that are only negative rants against anything Microsoft, Xbox, or the membership. Please keep all posts positive, friendly and constructive towards others, their thoughts, and the topic. Post in a respective manor.

The reason I'm concerned is because I don't recall writing ANYTHING negative or non-constructive in regards to the Xbox One, particularly within this thread, & especially a large percentage of my own posts. I'm a die-hard fan of the console & always have been - in fact many people can attest to my overly-positive posts. I always strive to post in a respective manner, although it may not always be perceived as such.

In any case, to the point. I want to see my post that was deleted so I can have a better understanding of why it was deleted. The email sent to me, as you can see above, doesn't show an excerpt of the deleted post (I think it should). I have contacted a moderator about the issue, but he/she said that they were not the one to delete it & couldn't dig it up. I have also taken the time to check both xbox.com/support & the forums support page, but did not find any support areas specifically for the forums (which is odd, because I'm sure I've seen it before). This is why I'm leaving this message here for any & all moderators to see. I want you to solve this issue for me, if possible. If you're still not able to, then I would like for you to take steps to "fix" your automated emails to also include the posts that were deleted as I mentioned above so the forum poster (such as myself) can have a better understanding & actually learn from their mistakes. I will be reporting this post to make it easier for you to find. Feel free to delete it once you do either of the suggestions that I've requested. In fact, if you could do so with an automated email that shows this post, along with the reason why it was deleted, than I will be one very happy Xbox Live forum user.

A concerned fan of the Xbox.com forums,
Galactic Geek

P.S. - If you are a regular forum member & not a moderator, please disregard this post by not replying to it out of respect for myself & the forums - the last thing we need is more clutter taking up space on this website's forums.

P.P.S - The grammar fanatic in me just noticed that you spelled manner as manor within the automated email. Just thought I'd point that out for you. ;)

Galactic Geek,  please check your PM's. Thanks!