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I purchased an Xbox One just before Christmas, upgrading from a 500GB console to a 1TB console. Gifting my previous console to my younger brother. My ex wife has my first console, which makes this my third purchase of an Xbox One. This time, my 3.5 mm jack on my controller, that came with my Xbox, is faulty. I purchased a new headset to ensure it wasn't just the headset that was faulty. I called Xbox customer support, we ran through some trouble shooting and to no avail, the controller still is faulty. 

First, the customer support specialist was very polite and tried to assist me to the best of his ability. I was gracious for this. However, the best he could do for me is have me ship them my faulty controller (AT MY OWN EXPENSE) and wait 10 business days after they receive it to them receive my replacement (a refurbished controller!!!). There are many things wrong with this. I should not be liable for shipping, that is extremely ridiculous. Also, why would i receive a refurbished controller when I purchased a new controller, this aspect is also complete asinine. Now we get to the most obscene part of the situation, Xbox thinks it's ok for me to wait 2-3 weeks for my controller. The nearest Microsoft store is 150 miles away and this would be my only other option for faster assistance. 

I'm not sure how this is an acceptable way to treat your customers. I love the Xbox experience and I've been completely sold on it until I needed to utilize my warranty. How can a company sell you a new product that does not work, offer a warranty, and then expect the customer to spend more money and time waiting for a refurbished product. 

Xbox Staff and community, I would like an explanation. 


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Can you not return the Xbox One with controller and all to the store from which you made the purchase?

My brother's first PS4 had a faulty controller, he packed it all up, took it back to the retailer [Tesco], and they replaced the system with a new one. They didn't even look inside the box for the one he returned... {O_o}

Welcome to America.

Over the previous years I have noticed that Only in America is such things possible. But thier is a way around it. Take it back to the place of purchase and ask for a replacment or refund.

In this way you want have to deal with Microsoft at all.

That just how some companies conduct their business, I use to work for a company where I had  to send a lot of defective hard drives back to the manufacturer, the company would have to pay for shipping and we'd get refurbished hard drives in return, I personally had to pay for shipping when my Turtle Beach headset broke, but they did end up sending me a brand new pair in return.

Companies are in business to make money, and they'll do whatever makes sense to make that money and doing free shipping for a product that they haven't verified was bad ,and sending out brand new product when they might have a perfectly good refurbished product didn't make sense to someone in upper management.

That's just how things are, next time buy from a seller that has a good return policy.

Reality check..... refurb is the wave of the future. Buy a new vehicle and have the touch screen pile up... you get a refurb not new. Same with *** and engine....  


Most warranties don't cover freight charges.  But..... is the controller a candidate for an advanced exchange???

LOL..... the *** is suppose to be transmission.... I used a slang term....  

How many people do you think contact MS with BS reasons for exchanges refund replacements etc? yes they charge to return it, every business does, but they also refund it if it is faulty. So hardly and issue.

Business are expect to give time scales when they partly have no control over the situation, such as the couriers etc, they have to get the time back, trouble shoot it fix it and send you it back, along with 1000's and others, if the time scale is an issue you have alternatives.

So you drove 150 miles to buy an xbox? if not take it back there

Or borrow the controller your brother has.

You have been offered exactly what they offer, which is readily available information if you look before you buy it, your happy to buy 3 consoles, but complain about sorting out a controller?

If your that bother you could also move nearer the MS store which would make you happy next time, or look into opening on yourself near you.

I bet Sony would of sent out a jet with a team of specialists to replace the controller at no cost... :)


That felt good....

Sorry guys, I forgot to add that this was an online purchase from Microsoft directly during the holiday sales.

@enandaveyboy no this was an online purchase. Also, it's the principle of the matter. I don't care how many people buy their product, that literally has nothing to do with the issue. The issue is that I purchased something in good faith expecting it to be brand new. The reality is that it wasn't and now they would like me to spend more money to get less than what I paid for. How can you treat your customers this way? My turtle beach headset broke and they sent me a new one along with postage for my old one then I sent my old one back. Thats how a warranty should work.

@kingvas78 .... you're probably right, I bet I wouldn't have had any issues if it were sony. Also, reality check?? Are you kidding me, when you buy something brand new, that's exactly what you're expecting to receive. If I want a refurb I goto game stop and purchase one for less than retail. If I spend retail for a new one then I will receive a new product.

The principle of the matter, is you have something that doesn't work, the company has offer to sort it and your still moaning. You purchased something new and got something new, what difference does it make if the replace is as good as new and works and has the same warranty a new product does? Although the chances are you would get a new one or your one back.

Turtle beach don't even offer their chat adaptors in the UK, and also failed to explain that older headsets won;t have bass r treble on the xbox one with out it, so they are far from perfect.

No a warranty should do what it says, MS are doing what they say, just not happy about it thats your issue not MS's.

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