Polygon Full Review of X1, with rating


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Just watched the review in full. I think my purchase feels slightly more justified.

After reading this it seems it is saying the xbox is an excellent media hub, not so brilliant at games I think the extra score over the ps4 is for the media side, guys I am getting nervous

No, the extra score was for the ability to snap apps around your games.

It's hardly worth the extra score, pros and cons with both systems but they are more similar than different

If you are getting nervous mate, then you may be in the wrong line of Day one console purchasing. These never go entirely as we want.

I am not going to buy in to any console review scores for either Xbox One or PS4. Two consoles at the start of their generation, roll on a year and both will have changed im sure.

Even if I was to buy into these scores it would not be from Polygon anyway.