Polk Audio 4 Shot Headset Review

So i've had them out of the box playing with since about 11am...so about 2 hours now...I decided to try them out on battlefield 4.

The Good:

* Great bass/surround sound effects (jets whiz by from ear to ear with better bass then my pc corsair's i have to compare to)

* use them on the go with your phone...great sound on music and while calling polk SUPPORT (see notes below). 

The Bad:

* They aren't wireless as you have to have them plugged into the controller (not too big of a deal as the wire is small enough...just figured it would be for the $$)

* not sure on this one but i think using the headset on my phone for music/calls will drain the phone battery fast..we'll see though.

*currently not able to hear in game audio and teammates/parties at the same time...ummm.

*customer support wasnt very good when i called....they just said this was a known issue with microsoft and are currently working on it  and then said they were having a hard time hearing me and mysteriously disconnected.  


Not having the ability to hear the in-game sounds and then your teammate/party members sounds just a little bit louder then the ingame audio when they speak...is a pretty much a deal breaker for me...i'll probably be returning these unless I hear of a fix real soon...30 day return policy and im not being stuck with a $160 team mate only or in game audio only sound options...it needs voice over.  Buyer beware they just said they are working on a fix...not anything about they have a fix.  It may or may not come...for that kind of money you'd expect them to have the product polished and finished working smoothly...why are all these companies going sub par all of a sudden?


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Thanks great review. I wasn't in the market to get them right away so maybe I'll keep my eye on them but not a must buy with that bug (if they don't fix it). I want them to hear the game and party chat at the same time.

Thanks once again for posting your thoughts on the headset.

No problem...I would like to add that the voice over works on cod ghosts so it looks like it maybe from game to game depending...i'm currently in the process of going through multiplayer games.  Forza's audio is still glitching and crackling...this is either the game or the system because it crackles and cuts out playing on my new headset and my older 5.1 surround setup.

Did you happen to update your controller? I heard that in order to properly use the new headset adapter, you must first update your controller. Which must be done by plugging it in with the micro usb. I updated mine last night(unrelated to headsets or the adapter, I just saw that it said update so I did) I had to unplug my headset and take the battery out then plugged it in with the cable. It updated.

Hopefully this works for you.

Let me know as I am wanting these or the TB XO 7's

yes i actually updated my controller before I picked these up and then after plugging them in I tried updating again and it wasnt needed...yes though they were updated and obviously this is something the polk team knows about since that guy went directly to his explanation sheet stating this is a problem that polk audio is trying to work out with microsoft.  I'm still using them...trying in different games...so far problems in battlefield 4, forza, and RYSE multiplayer...call of duty ghosts is the only one of the 4 that voice over works.  I was going to ask the guy about a time frame but his next response after he stated what he did earlier was...sir...im having trouble hearing you...sir...*click* pffft...i know a trick when i see one lol...i wonder if anybody else calls they do the same thing if you say you're having trouble hearing your party/teammates over the audio in games.  Interesting, polk audios customer support number is 1-800-377-7655 for anybody else that has bought these and are experiencing like issues.

Another note...they sound like garbage on your pc...they wont configure in windows for anything except stereo and they play media all distorted...so ya dont think you'll be using these with your pc..maybe not even on the playstation either like I was led to believe.

What exactly do you mean you can't hear game audio and chat? I have the TB XO7s and a friend is using the adapter with some TB Tangos and we can hear each other in both Ghostrs and BF4 (while hearing game audio too). Not to say that there aren't issues, but that didn't seem to be one. Maybe what you're receiving isn't what I was talking about, though? Otherwise, this problem just might be on Polk's side.

yes its on polks side...they are saying its a problem with microsoft and are working on it.  However..i didnt wait...i took them back..for that price they should of been tested and fully working.  The problem was not being able to hear in game audio and people chatting through the speakers....otherwords..voice over doesnt work in some games.  I picked up the x0 4's today and will post a seperate review on them..though i can tell you from just putting them on my head they are on the ear so they aren't as comfortable to me as the polks were...too bad i feel like hearing teammates and game audio is more important then comfort.

What bs. Over a good year to work on these headsets alongside with any compatability issues being checked out. What a joke and also reaffirms the thoughts of the one being RUSHED!

These headphones do not work with Battlefield 4.  They do not even detect when in a party.  It shows that I do not have headphones connected.  They work fine in Destiny and GTA V but no go for Battlefield 4

The Polk 4 Headset is optimised for "Halo: MCC" and "Forza Horizon".

You're better off with Turtle Beaches or Astros.

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