poeple keeps file a Compaints against my gamertag (F.A.C)

every since i chaged my gamer tag name M1ssLaraCroft to what ever i have now i been bad F.A.C on my tag name for no reason and i would like it to please stop who over is doing it and messageing there friends to do the same 1.why do they do this 2. why am i the only person it's happening to 3. why can't everybody just play nice and not care about the other's person's name Tag on Live Leave me alone already im not doing nothing wrong to you guys just stop it please and let me be if i want that name i may have it if i want to

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how do you know they are filing complaints on you?

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cause you see a message or something

[/quote]Sorry but no you don't see any "message". That is unless you mean a Message they (the User) sends to you. In that case, so what? Look at it this way, if I say, "I'm reporting you right now". One, does this make it true? And two, is there even anything to report?

You don't know how Filed Complaints work do you? Just asking because someone will be willing to explain.

I see nothing wrong with the tag you are posting on.  I wouldn't worry about it.  People can file complaints all they want.  So long as the PET don't see anything wrong with it, nothing will happen.

cause you see a message or something

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