plz help

i am looking to start a team of players with some of my good friends online but we r looking for a fun and friendly gaming site to play we r aged between 26 and 40.if anybody knows of any plz reply here or add me on 360 thanx.


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Hey there!  [AFO] All for one is a new clan that has just started up and we are looking for new members! we have a dedicated team that plays together regularly, and we are looking to build up a community that helps its fellow gamers out, is a place to make new friends and share gaming knowledge. We are very team work orientated and everyone is very friendly and chilled. if you and your friends are interested in joining then please visit us here

We are also a mature clan so we ask that members are over 21, our oldest member is in his 50's, so our comunity is mature yet diverse :)

When you sign up you will gain access to our forums where you can discuss games, set up matches.

At the moment we have a ranking system so if you wanted to become a full member you can go through a trial period, if we accept you then we can put you on a  team that is more competitive and will play in clan battles, if this is more your scene :)

Hope to see you there!

thanx will look into in

awesome, I'll see you around :)

just tryed got the email 2 confirm will not let me log in

I assume you resolved the issue, because you are with us now :)

lol :)

We are currently looking for mature gamers to join a casual team to boost the ranks for MW3 and Gears 3. We currently have 3 teams on COD and 2 on Gears

We have In house comps on Fifa, Gears, MW2 and Need for speed.

My team are looking to boost its numbers for the new WGL season on MW3 so if you want to compete competatively

we can cater to that too. We prefer teamwork to K/d so if you can shoot in the right direction and talk on the Mic your

half way there.

If you just want a community to chill out with and play casual with fun friendly peeps, then look no further we can do that too

Feel free to pop over to the forums by clicking the Sig or jump in a game on xbl

will do thanx

Hi, check out register your team and get some clan battles going, thanks.