Hi my name is xPBWxStealth and I worried because i was being annoying to somebody on xbox live and made him angry and he threatened to get somebody to hack me on his friends list if somebody from microsoft is reading this can you please ban his account because i love my xbox and i dont wanna lose it. The person who threatened me is named [Mod Removed] and i am scared of him can you please ban his xbox i am really scared!!!!!!!!! :'(


Sincerely, xPBWxStealth....


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Microsoft support representatives do not generally visit this part of the forums and there is no system in place to fast track an account suspension.  Also, posting other Gamertags to 'name and shame' is not allowed on these forums under any circumstances.

Contrary to what some people believe, Xbox accounts can not be 'hacked', at least not in the literal sense you are thinking of.  There are of course many ways to have an account stolen, but this is down to poor personal security rather to any flaws Microsoft's end.  If this person or their so called friends could have stolen your account they would have done so by now.  As long as you do not share your LIVE ID with anyone else and have a strong password your account will be safe.

For more information on account security visit this link:

Been an xbox live member for atleast 5 years with this account Gold/silver. Just recently had my account accessed from another console, which is impossible due to I have one. This account is not public and it seemed that I was attacked for my microsoft points. Until I recently started buying the things this happens. Now I lost my points and fear to even connect my CC info or purchase any more points in the future.

Just went through the steps to reset everything and also the profile download requirement. The offender must be outside of the United states, or he could be here, but he purchased fifa 13 with my points. i didn't even think you can buy disc copy games with points. All I can recommend is changing your password and fresh download. I think the guy is bluffing about getting someone, but it is Highly possible for someone to access your info. I feel safe just no longer purchasing microsoft points or any billing linking due to the problem I have suffered today.