Please Sir, I want some more?

I have been a loyal xbox gamer since it hit the scene way back then. Although there have been times in my life when I was unable to afford: -

  • Broadband
  • Gold membership

I have always had a console and supported both Microsoft and game developers with my purchases. I love the UK xbox live rewards program and have genuinely benefitted from it.

However, I am very dissapointed that we in the UK do not recieve the same Microsoft loyalty bonuses as our American cousins or even the the level of xbox live point promotions. I know that Microsoft has very little control over the way third party companies promote their goods, but it is still a point that irks me somewhat.

In my xbox career I have purchased and played 169 games! I know this because I recently joined Raptr and checked out all my lovely stats : )

I do not want this post to come over as a rant at either Microsoft or the fantastic game developers that have helped make xbox & xbox 360 so fantastic and a true pleasure for console gamers.

As a loyal Microsoft/xbox/360 fan:

Please Sir, I want some more!


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On a more serious note. Not only is it the job of some third party companies that do a majority of promotions, there are some laws and restrictions for many regions that can also hinder lots of deals and sales as well unfortunately.

169 games pah try 568

Hardcore man, woman, whatever you are : )

[quote user="Viral Cyrix"]

169 games pah try 568


Meh 568 try  640+ ..........