My gamertag - Mustachio Cat 

Well where do i begin!! 

3 nights ago i came across a Gamertag with xbox live ambassador in his profile threatening he has the power to ban and kick me offline, he has been sending me threat messages and very abusive messages saying he will do this permanently.

nothing was done that night.

Worried i phoned up xbox live after reporting him on the console its self, and also on the xbox website, that morning i phoned up xbox live complaining as well and with great understanding i knew they could do nothing over the phone but i was still worried.

Come last night i was in a party playing with 2 other friends on modern warefare 3 and had another 28 messages of this gamertag now all of this is because he added me as a friend and i basically did not accept because i dont know him and i dont play with him on xbox often enough to have him or keep him as a friend and he has clearly got very upset about this and because he is an xbox live ambassador he was threatening again to ban me from xbox live now i know he couldnt do that, but out of no where some one who was friends with such gamertag joined our party stayed 5 mins and left again.

Within 5 MINS i was kicked offline and couldnt get back online at all that night (Last night) not even on my laptop or phone - internet which annoyed me very much i spoke to the 2 other people over the phone and they both explained they had experienced the same and was furious!!!!! as we pay for this xbox live server and for something like this to happen is a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!

When i tried last night to get back online i came online to a message saying he wants an apology for removing him if not then this will be permanent.

I have got home from work today and tried to go online and still nothing because my router has not got the correct dns server applicable for xbox live.

This is very very very annoying and i want something done about it because you will loose many many xbox live customers due to 1 person using a server known as a DDOS which floods the routers ip address not allowing them back online PLEASE PLEASE do some thing about this because I will give up as well as alot of others because im not paying for something i can not use and getting nothing out of it,

the gamertag in question - [mod removed]-Mod's games glitches abuse threatens and trash etc list could go on!

gamertag that joined party to flood us - [mod removed] - came in to party within 5 mins we were kicked offline and couldnt not use the internet in our homes for anything!!!!!! friends with the above gamertag!

This is not on and we dont deserve this kind of abuse from and idiot/s I come online to enjoy a real gaming experience not to run in to people like that and be forced offline and have doubts if xbox/microsoft is the best option to play online multiplayer





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Read this page in regards to the ddos attack.


Ambassadors have no powers to ban you on xbox live whatsoever,report and block him.

I have forwarded this thread to someone to look into it for you.  In the meantime, contact your internet service provider to have them issue you a new IP address.  They can also look into the DDoS attacks and, if necessary, press charges against the person doing it.