Please remove the Kinect requirement from Upload Studio!

My Kinect stopped working a while ago, and since then, I've had to manually make all of my video clips. That's fine-and-dandy, but the fact that I have to have my Kinect plugged in to edit them is frustrating. Why do I need to have a Kinect just to make a clip 30 seconds shorter? I've had plenty of moments when I would record an extra minute or two because the Game DVR takes so long to open, I'd just like to be able to edit some clips down a bit.


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Why don't you send in your broken kinect for replacement?

What is the warranty on the Xbox One in Canada / USA? 30 days? 1 year?  I am sort of surprised that Microsoft does not sell the kinect separately considering how much they currently claim they support it.  Once warranty is off, wouldn't people not just go to their local nerdatorium and buy a new kinect?

^ Nerdatorium :)