PLEASE READ It would mean the world to me.

I am sadly informing you that my friend Kieran Jones passed away on the 27th January just 27 days after his 17th birthday he was the kindest and one of the most thoughtful people that you would ever meet, he would never fail to have a huge smile on his face and just generally happy, he was taken away so sudden and shouldn't have been, it was a massive shock to all his friends and his family and we are all extremely sad and my friend Kieran was a big xbox and arsenal fan whenever he would get home he would be straight onto his xbox and him and his little brother would always get into fights over it like who can go on it. Kieran was always a very happy and never failing to make everybody laugh. Kieran was saving up to buy himself the new Xbox One for him and his little brother, is there anyway that i will be able to speak to somebody about sorting something for Kierans little brother as that is what he deserves, something to make his brother smile and make this time that he is going through a little bit easier.

Yours Faithfully 

Ira Hemming

R.I.P Kieran Jones

Gone but never forgotten 


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That's sad and everything, but we aren't talking about buying him a billion dollar ticket to Mars.  An X1 really isn't that much and it seems like it would be more appropriate coming from friend and family donations.  We're just strangers...and not to say this is a scam, but people are a lot more apprehensive to take chances on something like this and give donations to someone we don't know.  

Hey, very sry to hear about your loss, its very hard to lose a close friend at such a young age. My prayers goes to you and his family.

But just like  Bizarro said above is very true. If we all knew him it would be alot diffrent. You might wanna set something up on Facebook in his honor. I think you would do alot better. And if you post a link I would be more then happy to throw a buck or two to help out as well. Just make sure its legit. Iam pretty sure theres a website that sets up a free site for stuff like this.

Well good luck.

I hope Xbox hooks you up with one for free or his brother for the both of you cents you being so kind and thoughtful.

May I ask to be pointed towards the obituary???  Or a possible donation site??   Otherwise, the public may get the wrong idea about your plea for a free xbox......  I would hate to find out this is a scam.......   GOOD LUCK!!!

Very sorry to hear about your loss. As others have suggested above, there are better means to achieve your goal.

Since panhandling for currency violates the forum guidelines, I will be locking this thread. Thank you for understanding.