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On October 2nd my account was hacked.  The person who hacked my account stole all the MS point off of it and left me an unwanted FIFA 12 achievement to boot.  Upon discovering this I contacted Xbox customer service.  I spoke to a customer service rep and his supervisor.  I was told that for me to recover the points that were stolen from me I would have to let my complaint be escalated to an unauthorized access case.  The supervisor who’s name is Ralph told me that I should expect to be without my gamertag for at MOST 25 days.  As can be expected I was not happy with that.  Ralph and I went round and round on how ludicrous a 25 day wait was for someone who’s the victim of identity theft.  Well seeing as how Ralph knew more about these things than I did, he told me that there was no way we could get around a long wait like that with the alternative being that I don’t escalate my case and forsake the points that were stolen from me.  When I balked at that and asked if this is how Microsoft treats customers who’s identity have been compromised through no fault of their own, he told me that in all his time as a supervisor, all these kinds of cases happen because the customer let their identity be compromised and it’s never been Microsoft’s fault at all.  He then told me that when the investigation is concluded I will get my account back but I will never know the name of the person who hacked me nor will I ever find out how they got my password.  I mention this because I find it odd that Microsoft would not want someone prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for Identity theft and for petty larceny.  I believe while Ralph and I were debating the finer points of customer service a second unauthorized access investigation was opened.

 On October 19th my account was given back to me and I got a refund of 240 Microsoft points.  This was short of the over 3800 that were stolen from me so I called customer service and spoke to Howard.  He took care of my problem right on the spot with no need to escalate my case, no wait what so ever.  This totally contradicted everything I was told in my previous call by Ralph.  I thought that this bit of business was concluded and that I was good to go.

 On the 26th my brother passed away, I say this because we both enjoyed socializing on Live and I had friends who played with the both of us.  On the 27th I turned on my 360 to let our mutual friends know that my brother passed and I couldn’t log on to Live.  I had been suspended by Microsoft a second time.  I called customer service and was told that another unauthorized access case was opened on my gamer tag and a brand new investigation was under way.  Why the team who does those things could not run those two investigations at the same time is beyond me but on the day I needed Microsoft’s social service the most, a service that I paid for mind you, Microsoft and Xbox customer service failed me.  I was told by a customer rep that there was nothing that he could do and a supervisor told me all he could do is put in a request to move me to the front of the line.

 Well that must be a long line because as of today I still don’t access to Live.  I’ve made two more calls to customer service.  I’ve spoken to both Rose and Josh and they both assured me that me problem would be rectified very shortly.  We’ve gone long past the 25 day mark from October 2nd.  My gold account which got renewed at the end of September is not getting any use with my days ticking by; I have Gears Of War 3, Batman Arkam City, Battlefield 3, and Modern Warfare 3 all sitting in their shrink wrap collecting dust.  I have pre order bonuses from those games along with a code for NBA2k12 that I can’t redeem because I have no access to live.  I’ve missed at least 7 deals of the week and I don’t have access to my avatar closet or my arcade.  I ask once again is this how Microsoft treats people who have had their identity stolen through no fault of their own?  I know that my contributions to a multi billion dollar company don’t really register but I feel like you guys want me to abandon my gamer tag and start playing my PS3 exclusively.  I feel like I’m making every effort to get something that should have never been taken from me back and Microsoft just won’t to give it back to me.  If that’s the case fine, post this, reply and I’ll move on but right now I looking for some support and some answers.  I posted something very similar to this on Monday and I never saw it put up so what I’m going to do is post this plea and then I will copy and paste it to any Xbox forum that I find.  I want anyone who can see how I’ve been wronged be able to read my tale of woe.  I fell like I’m not being a squeaky enough of a wheel.  I hope that I could tell this tale with a laugh down the line but right now I feel like I’m never going to get my gamertag back.  Is this something you guys can help me with?  Gamertag is in the title and contact info is in the records you keep   


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