Please answer my two questions, thank you XBOX LIVE!

If you downloaded a game on a different account and you played the same game on a different account.. can you get banned for that? & also can you use gamerpictures you downloaded from a different account? 


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All Xbox Live downloaded content (except Avatar items, for some reason) comes with two different content licenses.  One for the gamertag the DLC was purchased on, and one for the console it is purchased on.  In other words, when you buy any downloaded content, every other gamertag on the same console is allowed to access that downloaded content.   Only the gamertag that bought the downloaded content is allowed to access that content on a different Xbox console.  

Okay so what your saying is that its fine?

I have my other account that i first started with, and it has tons of gamer pictures on there.

I was saying is it okay to re download them and use them on my new account?

Sorry, im kind of slow.

[quote user="SkippyVI"]I was saying is it okay to re download them and use them on my new account?[/quote]As long as they're both your accounts, yes.


Only one person is to access an account, however there's no rule against one person owning multiple accounts.


Where people get in trouble is when they share accounts. Multiple people accessing one account is prohibited as per the Terms of Use.