Playing your own music on your X1

Grr… It's pretty annoying that you can't use your USB or even rip music form a CD to listen to music. That was one of the best features of the 360.

I hear you can connect your windows 8 computer to your xbox however, and get your music from there.

How would one do this on the X1? 


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You can also use a Windows 7 computer, I believe it works with the "PlayTo"-feature. I think nowadays with the Xbox Music metro-app you would open the Charms-bar from the right and from the "Devices" tab there should be an option for it.

In Windows Media Player I have this "Play in a device.." (translated, not sure what it says in english) that I figure would do the same thing if you had Xbox One somehow added as a device to the PC.

I dont have X1 myself yet, so can'y confirm how it actually works, but they do indeed say that "PlayTo" works.

yeah that works but its pretty silly how you need to be at the computer to tell it to send the media to the xbox.